Friday, September 30, 2011

School API percentile offers clear view of local schools' ranks

2011 public school API scores are released in August. Good to see that most schools have improved API scores. However, it becomes harder to tell the difference among schools. Is a school with API 930 much better than the one with API score of 910?

To answer this question, provides "school API percentile", which reflects a school's relative rank comparing with other local school in the same category. For example, an elementary school is only compared with other local elementary schools. If an elementary schools' API percentile is 20%, it means that there are 20% other local elementary schools fall behind this one.

With this data, we can clearly tell different API values between high schools and elementary schools. For example, Leland High's API score is 895 and it has 95% percentile, which means 95% local high schools have lower APIs than Leland High. But Los Alamitos Elementary's API score is 924 and its percentile is just 87%. Due to this difference, their local house average and median house prices are different too.

Surprised? You can check your interested schools on the website.

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