Monday, January 10, 2011

Properties on the school boundary worth a double-check

We tried our best to make sure the school boundary data is accurate and up-to-date. But some times, the accuracy of school look up by address may also be affected by Google geocoding (i.e., a service we use to translate an address into a  longitude/latitude location), especially for houses on the school boundary.

Recently we  found such a case. As shown in the following figure, you can see that property is marked as the blue point, but Google geocoding returns a different point on the map. Although the two points are close to each other, they have different attending schools, because the property is just on the school boundary.

Under such a situation, even with our correct boundary data, the returned search results are wrong due to Google geocoding's inaccuracy. It's hard for us to completely avoid such mistakes. But, fortunately, in most cases, only properties on the boundary may face such problems. Hence, we encourage users to verify the school district office before they make any financial decision.

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