Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why is different

Why is different? In my opinion, at least has following unique features.
  1. School-aware real estate search
  2. combines School and Real Estate search together by using our patent-pending "school-aware real estate search". It is totally different from traditional real estate search where you first find properties, then verify attending schools and related school information. With "school-aware real estate search", you start with school search. Once you find the target schools with our flexible school search tool, you can just search homes within that school attendance area. Thus, you won't bother to check properties which is actually out of your interested area and won't waste time to verify schools with a long candidate property list.
  3. Flexible school search tools
  4. Our search tool has the following capabilities.
    • You can find attending schools by residential address, zipcode, city, region or school name.
    • You can find  school by API scores. It can be a single school's API or the API combination of Elementary, Middle and High schools. The overlapping school attendance area is shown on the map in the latter case.
    • Given a particular school, you can find its overlapping schools. For example, given an Elementary school, you can find its overlapping Middle and High schools. 
To conclude, these unique features make different from other related websites or services.

You can go to to check it out by yourself. Any feedback or suggestions are highly appreciated.

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